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I am blessed with a network of professional creatives who have helped me set up my business and who support me throughout my blessed journey.
They give my life purpose and meaning.
My heartfelt gratitude to you all!

My students and clients - thank you for trusting me with your healing journey and your continued support - without you I would have no Clear Living Reiki

My partner Matt and my beautiful children and stepchildren for their constant support and endless love. I adore you

My sister Nicola Joy - Admin, Design, Marketing, Reiki Manuals and Presentations.
Contact her at . @nicki_soblessed

Petru Naomi Lotter - Design, Web design,Photoshop and Animation

Contact: . @petru_naomi_lotter_art

Lianne Byrne - Marketing, web design and business tools

Contact: @lifedesignbylianne

Carmen Jacobs - Photography

Shirene Brielle - Photography

@shirene's photography

Lisa Fisher - Wardrobe and Styling

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