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Reiki is a complimentary
cancer treatment

With cancer comes chronic pain and fear.

It's debilitating, affecting one’s state of mind, ability to work as well as relax.

Chronic pain and fear consumes sufferers.

Thankfully Reiki is becoming more mainstream and people are choosing this form of healing to compliment Western medical care to help ease and manage one’s pain and mental health.


Practitioners are employed by the NHS and hospitals in the USA and Europe to work in Oncology as it has shown to reduce pain and improves one’s mood and quality of life. Balancing emotions helps the body focus on healing.

Because Reiki is a non-invasive technique that causes no side effects or complications, it can be performed on cancer patients at virtually any time following their diagnosis.


Whether the patient is newly diagnosed and waiting to begin treatment, is actively undergoing treatment, or is in the late stages of cancer and facing a poor prognosis, Reiki has proven to be beneficial.


Reiki is also effective at reducing anxiety and inducing relaxation and balance among patients who are in in remission after completing cancer treatments.


"I have been receiving Reiki healing sessions from Berenice over the last few weeks as I am stage 4 cancer and currently on chemotherapy. Berenice has been treating me in the comfort of my home as well as doing distant healing. I cannot put into words how this has helped me cope with pain except to say that I am able to feel this beautiful healing and loving energy.
After each session I feel pain free, calm and so supported and loved. 

Berenice keeps in contact, checking in to see how I am coping on all levels as this illness affects all areas of your life. Berenice is a compassionate, caring soul and healer, who believes everyone is their own healer and her passion is to help those who need healing but also to teach and help remind us that we are all healers. 

Berenice has also been there for my children and mom helping them cope with what they are going through during this difficult time and I thank her for this. I am forever grateful that our paths have crossed xxx feeling blessed"


"My oncologist suggested Reiki to me and said one of her patients had such a great experience, she will get me the name.

A few days later I was at 'Path to health' and asked the 'nurse' if she knew about Reiki and whom she thought I should contact. She immediately said yes! she does.

Well, how could I go wrong? Two unrelated people (one in northern suburbs, the other in southern suburbs) both suggested Berenice.

I immediately felt at ease with Berenice. She has such a warm and loving personality. She truely cares and listens while asking about your physical and mental health.

I was pleasantly surprised when I got a whatsap message from her the next day asking how I felt after the session and how I was doing. She followed up after every treatment session. Even at times when I haven't seen her. She sent me links to related meditations and youtube videos, eager to share her knowledge and advising on how I can further help myself. She goes that extra mile. Even house calls!

I've had amazing results and feel she is a true healer. I will suggest her anytime with an open heart."


Hospitals provide Reiki for their patients

Scientific evidence has shown that Reiki can minimize patients symptoms and improve their quality of life.

Research carried out at the Hartford Hospital in Connecticut, revealed that Reiki improved the sleep pattern of patients by 86 percent, reduced levels of pain and nausea by 78 percent and 80 percent, respectively.

Hospitals and clinics across Australia and the U.S. are beginning to acknowledge Reiki as a meaningful way to improve patient care. The NHS in the UK also employ reiki practitioners in oncology departments.

California Pacific Medical Centre, one of the largest hospitals that state, offers a range of complementary therapies, including acupuncture homeopathy, aromatherapy and Reiki, for acute and chronic illnesses.

The International Association of Reiki Professionals shows that Dr. Michael Cantwell, a paediatrician at California Pacific Medical Centre, uses Reiki in the “treatment of acute illnesses such as musculoskeletal injury, pain, headache, acute infections and asthma.”

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