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Hildegarde's Story

I have been to Berenice several times for Reiki and can highly recommend her. Her results speak for themselves.

I have experienced great relief from the pain I was experiencing at the time. 


Being a practicing healer for the last 13 years I have also sent several clients to see her.  Each of them have experienced great results.


Berenice is gentle, compassionate and understanding in her approach. She is highly intuitive and has a very special gift to heal. 


I highly recommend her for any physical, emotional and mental issues. 

Hildegarde Keene

Mandy's Story

I have received Reiki from Berenice a few times so far and I found it has helped me with various issues, for example, it was successful for pain and stress management and also to cope with any relevant emotional issues.


Each time, I felt in very safe, capable and compassionate hands. Berenice was very intuitive and during each session she provided quite accurate assessments of my emotional and physical state at the time.


She offered neutral guidance if the session had revealed emotional or mental blockages, which allowed me to continue holistic self-healing for still quite some time after the session.


Mostly, however, I enjoyed the feeling of relaxation and the sense of floating that seems to be a natural by-product of with any Reiki session. I look forward to my next treatment.

Mandy Wright

Kayli - Jane's Story

I have had quite a number of reiki treatments with Berry over the years, all generating excellent results. I’d like to go into a bit more detail with one particular session I had with her, it was a remote healing session, meaning I wasn’t in her treatment room, in fact I was in the comfort of my own home.


I had quite severe pain for weeks in my jaw from clenching my teeth while asleep and was just not able to get to her, so she suggested doing the remote healing with me instead. It took about two days but the pain completely disappeared and hasn’t returned since, it has been 6 months.


I highly recommend Berry’s Reiki as I have experienced the benefits first hand. She is an amazing healer as well as being deeply intuitive which is such an important aspect in creating a truly holistic therapy. I wish her all the best with many blessings along the way.

Kayli - Jane Krummeck

Helene's Story

I have had a number of Reiki sessions with Berenice over the past few years, and each one is unique and special.  We set an intention before the session and that’s the outcome and messages I receive.


Berenice is a warm, compassionate person who makes you feel safe and cared for. I generally close my eyes immediately once she starts and enjoy the calmness of the session.  I was therefore surprised a few months ago when soon into the session I felt my eyes moving rapidly (under my closed lids) and at that very moment she announced that my Dad’s spirit had just entered our space.


I knew it and felt him immediately and realized I have experienced it before but didn’t know what it was. I now know what’s happening and feel comforted and safe. Sometimes the outcome or messages only come to me the next day or during the night. I am not always present to my body and my subconscious needs time to show me the signs, but the messages Berenice carries are spot on and I take heed of what she sees and passes onto me. 


I go to Berenice for emotional healing, to help focus on goals and also for general body balancing. I have even asked her to assist with distance healing on my dogs when they have injured themselves or been through an emotional episode.

Thank you Berenice for holding the space for me and for channeling the messages.  You have a true gift and I know after each session that I am in a better place.

Helene Terlien

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Christina's Story

The first time I saw Berry was shortly before I was due to have a mastectomy. It was a time of fear and uncertainty, and yet I was positive that all would be well.


I had some wonderful sessions with Berenice which were hugely strengthening and encouraging. I was very open to her treatment and felt that her hands calmed me at a time of great anxiety. She gave me huge support through what she saw while working on me. And I am grateful to her and to all my angels


It is a journey in following a path of healing for each of us, the Reiki room at Clear Living is a sanctuary space where energy work is passed through the expert hands of Berenice.


I have severe osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis as a result of cancer. Berry's healing sessions definitely helped me reach a restorative state of equilibrium after the extremely severe chemotherapy treatments. would return again and again for this real reiki experience. 

Cathy Lacey 

I saw Berenice during a very difficult period in my life and she was wonderful. 


I highly recommend her for Reiki / Body alignment.


Carole-Anne Rainbird-Dade

With her caring, thoughtful nature and guided intuition, Berry is the perfect person to visit for reiki.


She has a real gift and my reiki session with her was relaxing and insightful. It was first time and she completely put me at ease. I look forward to my next session!

Carey Ann

If you’re on a journey towards transformation and needing conscious clearing of old energy or healing of past traumas, I recommend a visit to Berry without any reservation. 


She humbly holds a healing ability which powerfully shifts stagnant energy - it left me energized days after my treatment with her! 

Joy King

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