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People often ask me what Reiki is - for many it seems taboo as they believe there is no scientific proof that it works, or that it goes against their religious beliefs. For this very reason it may be frowned upon in the Western world, however in  the East, Reiki has been used to heal for thousands of years. I invite you to read up on Dr Joe Dispenza, a well respected neuro-scientist and chiropractor, who healed himself after an accident leaving him paralyzed. In his book, "Becoming Supernatural", he gives one the science behind quantum energy healing.

The Science of Reiki

The Science Behind Energy Work and Distant Healing

Quantum Entanglement
Quantum Entanglement Theory states that two particles can be connected across space, no matter how far apart they are. Through this non-local process, practitioners can send quantum energy to a
distant person for healing.

Long distance healing uses the principles of energy healing but at long distances.

The Backster effect shows us that every feeling, emotion and intention that comes from our bodies
can be transformed into energy and sent on to another for healing. If we send high frequency waves
with feelings of love and peace, the same feelings will be experienced by the receiver.

We are quite literally beings of light, each radiating a very vital life force and expressing an actual
field of light around our bodies.- the totality of each cell expressing and contributing to a vital field of  light that carries a message. The more we focus our senses on the physical, the more information we are missing out on. The less able we are to sense other frequencies that are not available to the
naked eye. Just like you can tune a radio to a certain frequency, the same is possible for us to tune
into frequencies and receive information from it. When you do this repeatedly, you tune into a new
level of light and information that you can use to influence or affect matter. When you d
o this, your
body experiences enhanced order thereby becoming efficient, coherent and healthy.

The earth is a magnet. And like any other magnet, it has a north and south pole as well as an
electromagnetic field around it. While this field is invisible, we are all familiar that this exists, the
earths electromagnetic field deflects the suns photons, and during a solar flare , that field deflects
trillions of tons of photons hurled towards earth in a pulsating and colourful phenomenon known as
the Northern Lights.

Your body is also a magnet. Your north pole is your mind and brain, and the south pole is your body
at the base of your spine. When you are in stress, you are drawing from this invisible field. The
energy no longer flows through you and becomes stuck in the body. If this continues for long enough the body will not have an electrical charge running through it and therefore it cannot create the field of energy that normally surrounds it. The body then becomes more matter and less energy, and this leads to illness.


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