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Intuitive Development Workshop

Tune into your inner wisdom for happiness and fulfillment.

We all have a part of ourselves that is able to see the bigger picture of our lives

and our intuition can help us to listen to that inner wisdom and guide us

to making the right decisions,

leading us to find happiness and fulfillment.

This workshop is designed to help you develop and trust your intuition
through meditation, breath work and visualization practices.

This personalised Intuitive Development Workshop will cover:


  • Body awareness

  • Movement and breath

  • Intuitive tools - Theory

  • Guided meditation

  • Intuitive games and visualisation practice


  • An interest in developing your
    intuition further

Please contact me and enquire about a half-day workshop 

from 9.00 AM – 1.00 PM WEEKDAYS


Presented by Berenice Smith, Founder & Reiki Master of Clear Living Reiki

Berenice is an experienced and accomplished Reiki Master practicing and teaching from her studio in Constantia, Cape Town. She has further studied Metaphysics, Meditation, Life alignment and various other healing modalities. Her practice, Clear Living Reiki, started in 2004.

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