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One-on-One Reiki Healing- 6 x Session Package

Let’s Heal Together!

As an intuitive healer, my expertise lies in perceiving and addressing energy imbalances that may be contributing to your state of dis-ease. With this insight, I will facilitate the clearing of these blockages, empowering us to work together to develop tools and strategies for managing your condition moving forward. By creating these tools of self-awareness, we aim to not only foster healing, but also to cultivate long-term balance, both in your mental and physical well-being.



One-on-One Reiki Healing – 6 x Session Package

One-one-One Reiki Healing is done at my practices, which offers a relaxing and peaceful energy in Noordhoek, Dennendal, Tokia and Constantia, Cape Town.

For best sustainable results, we recommend having more than one session. To make it more affordable for you, we have some one-on-one packages available. However, if it is your first time and you want to give Reiki a try, you can do one session to start. Your first session should, however, be 90 minutes so that we have time for discussion too.

The 90 minute session is broken down into 30 minutes of pre and post discussion and counseling and 60 minutes of reiki healing.

The 60 minute session consists of 45 minutes healing and 15 minutes pre and post discussion, feedback and coaching.

The one-on-one reiki healing 6 x session session package should be done over 2 months for best results – but they can also be done once a week if time does not allow it.

These are the common problems we all face on a daily basis in some form or another – and which I can help you with:

  • health conditions,
  • chronic pain,
  • phobias,
  • trauma,
  • life’s challenges
  • feeling stuck
  • anxiety
  • depression,
  • stress
  • fear,
  • clarity,
  • relieve pain
  • cancer – dealing with fear and pain

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6 x 60 minutes, 6 x 90 minutes


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