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My introduction into the world of healing came in 2004. A pregnant colleague of mine had asked me to help her as she had been experiencing persistent back pain for months and was now at her wit’s end.
In desperation she said to me “Berry heal me!” Feeling for her I started to massage her back and intuitively I held my hands over the affected area for a few minutes. She jumped up asking what I had done as she had felt this blast of heat and said that the pain had gone. We were both stunned.

​Although I have always felt empathy for those around me, it had never occurred to me that there was a way to harness energy as a tool for healing people.  My life at the time was pretty ordinary.  I was working in sales and did not have any knowledge of the metaphysical world, but from that day forward I have not looked back.

I read, explored and studied Metaphysics, Meditation, Life alignment and various other healing modalities where I discovered this innate ability to channel energy through my own electromagnetic field onto that of another. Every day I continue to expand my knowledge and my abilities so that I can help others with their physical and emotional well-being.

My practice, Clear Living Reiki, came into being that same year. I work from a relaxing and peaceful space in the Noordhoek and Constantia areas of Cape Town, as well as doing distant healing for my international clients.

​Beyond the healing, I offer coaching, Reiki courses and workshops on intuitive development. These I run in person and online.

MysticMag has the pleasure to interview Berenice.

Despite her ‘ordinary’ life at the time, her innate empathic nature led her to discover a unique ability to channel healing energy.

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Be the change you wish to see in the world … “


My Approach

I like to start the process with a 90 minute session, where we discuss the intention for healing, be it emotional, physical, mental or spiritual.  Once the intention is set the healing process begins.  This takes about one hour. After the session we would discuss what came up for both of us, what we felt and experienced and then we would map out the healing journey going forward. Ideally 3 – 4 sessions are required for best sustainable results.

I encourage clients to continue this healing path once they leave my studio. Being empowered and creating a spiritual routine, will bring a sense of peace, relaxation, self-love and connection – the same as they would have experienced during the healing session. I assist my clients by helping them make positive changes that will bring more joy and peace into their everyday life.

As this work is done through energy and does not require my client to be in the same room as me, I am able to do distant healing on anyone anywhere in the world. The results are the same – it is as if you were right next to me.

My Philosophy

I do believe that we create our reality and we are the masters of our lives. That through intention, prayer, meditation and spending time alone and in nature, helps us to find; meaning, clarity and a connection to our inner peace.

Our challenges become opportunities for growth – there is always a silver lining and it really comes down to how we react in certain situations. Changing your outlook and how you see yourself and others can be life changing and bring about peace, joy and harmony with less fear and suffering.

The Benefits of Reiki

There are numerous benefits to Reiki.
Reiki is a very subtle, yet simple process with profound results.
It assists with maintaining good energy levels by helping to manage daily stressors which in turn helps one through major life transitions.

Balancing one’s system can help in coping with a wide range of issues from:

  • health conditions,
  • chronic pain,
  • phobias,
  • trauma,
  • life’s challenges / needing clarity,
  • anxiety
  • and depression.


  • promotes harmony and balance;
  • brings about deep relaxation;
  • clears the mind and helps to find clarity;
  • increases the body’s ability to heal faster;
    and relieves pain.

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Clear Living Reiki
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Claire ReillyClaire Reilly
04:11 20 Feb 24
Kailin WiggettKailin Wiggett
09:58 19 Feb 24
berry is incredible. I never fully understood what reiki was all about until I went to her practice. She has helped me understand myself better and also heal parts of me that I had struggled with. 100% recommend !!
Liesl GebhardLiesl Gebhard
08:26 19 Jun 23
I have received many reiki treatments from Berry over many years and have felt profound benefits each time, both physically and emotionally. She is a gifted healer, deeply intuitive, and one cannot help but feel nurtured and held in her space. I highly recommend experiencing this gift for yourself!
Gustavo FasaniGustavo Fasani
15:19 17 Jun 23
Wow! What a transformative experience! I was feeling very stuck in life when I decided to try reiki. The sessions were very deep and pleasant, and very professional. I am very happy to have taken the steps towards enhancing quality of living life. Five starts.
Helene TerlienHelene Terlien
17:25 31 May 23
I have had a number of Reiki sessions with Berenice over the past few years, and each one is unique and special. We set an intention before the session and that’s the outcome and messages I receive.Berenice is a warm, compassionate person who makes you feel safe and cared for. I generally close my eyes immediately once she starts and enjoy the calmness of the session. I was therefore surprised a few months ago when soon into the session I felt my eyes moving rapidly (under my closed lids) and at that very moment she announced that my Dad’s spirit had just entered our space.I knew it and felt him immediately and realized I have experienced it before but didn’t know what it was. I now know what’s happening and feel comforted and safe. Sometimes the outcome or messages only come to me the next day or during the night. I am not always present to my body and my subconscious needs time to show me the signs, but the messages Berenice carries are spot on and I take heed of what she sees and passes onto me.I go to Berenice for emotional healing, to help focus on goals and also for general body balancing. I have even asked her to assist with distance healing on my dogs when they have injured themselves or been through an emotional episode.Thank you Berenice for holding the space for me and for channeling the messages. You have a true gift and I know after each session that I am in a better place.Helene Terlien
Emily SmithEmily Smith
11:49 14 Apr 23
My session with Berry was the very first Reiki session I had ever experienced. It was beyond all my expectations. She is intuitive & incredibly caring. I felt comfortable as soon as I stepped into her space and left feeling so relaxed and at peace. It was a privilege to have a session with her, what an experience! Would recommend to anyone and everyone!
Mandy WrightMandy Wright
14:43 25 Mar 23
Berenice is a wonderfully intuitive healer who makes you feel comfortable and listened to. I felt safe in her hands whilst surrendering fully to the healing powers of Reiki. During each session I would feel very relaxed whilst physical and emotional blockages would noticeably be released. I would highly recommend Reiki and Berenice as your go-to-therapist to have it with.
christine wellschristine wells
17:02 23 Mar 23
The Reiki treatments I have received from Bernice (Berry) far exceeded my expectations. They have been really profound experiences. Gentle, & reaffirming, along with the Intuitive reading that Berry gave me, I have definitely benefited & felt truly supported with Love & Nurturing through all treatments.Assisting the healing process from my frozen shoulders and hip replacement, the Reiki treatments have been an absolute blessed gift. Bernice is an incredibly gifted natural healer and teacher who knows her craft well & I would highly recommend these treatments & courses with Berry.
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